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Lighthouse Learning Center

Lighthouse Tutoring serves John Fenwick Academy students by providing one-on-one tutoring. Since 2007, we have helped over 118 students with reading and engaged over 100 volunteers from local churches, the community, and middle and high school.


Tutoring takes place Monday through Wednesday, November- March from 3-4:30pm. 

Project Restore


“Building Community while Repairing Homes”


​Project Restore is a youth home repair program for Salem City homeowners started in 2018. One week during the summer, adult volunteers along with youth ages 13+ work on basic home repair projects to make homes warmer, safer, drier, and healthier. Projects, such as installing and repairing fences, replacing porch boards, building new stairs and railings, installing flooring, installing wall and ceiling drywall, painting, sealing windows and doors, and cleaning up yards and streets have been completed.


Through fundraising we have also been able to donate funds to homeowners to use towards professional services for repairs that we cannot do such as electrical repairs, roofing, basement remediation, and heaters.


Olive Street Community Garden
Summer Garden Crew

Throughout the summer, youth work in the garden as part of the Root and Seed Crews. Seed Crew Members are first year gardeners in middle school and high school. Root Crew members are returning high school students. Garden Crew provides an opportunity to learn important job skills, gain knowledge and hands on experience about growing food through maintenance of the garden, and trying new fresh foods. 


Lighthouse Summer Day Camps

Since 2012, Lighthouse has offered free summer day camps for Salem City children. Each summer, high school aged City Lights have gained leadership skills as they guided younger students in themed camps: art, drama, cooking, soccer, legos, dance, garden, and nature themes. As the Olive Street Community Garden and Garden House have provided a new venue, camp themes of nature exploration, nutrition, and cooking have taken the forefront. Creating art and physical activity outdoors continue to be prominent aspects of our camps for ages 7-11. This summer (2024) we will be hosting Lego, Nature Exploration, and Fun with Food Camps.

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